Know More About Sony TVs Models

Sony TVs: have a Bravia branding, which I think is a common name to Kenyans. Sony Giant offers excellent screens ranging from medium size up to premium models. Sony predominantly releases backlit LCD flat screens including HD TVs and the new sets capable of 4K display resolution. For the 4K resolution, it is four times better than FULL HD. Sony TV series are impressive with all modern features. They are among the best models in the world with a lot of interest from different people. Although you need to get deep in your pocket to get this model, you will get the best service.

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Sony Smart TV VS Sony LED TV

sony 4k Sony Smart TV is a modern flat screen with excellent features. Sony Smart TV features are available on sets, which can connect to the internet. The best thing about Sony Smart TV it comes pre-loaded by the Sony’s own video unlimited services. It means the screen offers films and various videos to watch bringing a new experience to the users. Sony Smart TV also comes with exciting apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5 and love Film. It is surprising Sony Smart TV has introduced a special remote control, which features a laptop-style trackpad. This remote control is improvised with new technology and can do what you may think is not possible. Sony Smart TV connection is excellent, and you can share content comfortably. The screen has a SmartShare feature where you can connect with other external smart devices like mobile phones and laptops. Sony Smart TV can use direct, wired Ethernet connection or built Wi-Fi for internet access. With this flat screen, you can browse and stream videos without limitations. Regarding performance and display, Sony Smart TV is awesome giving out the best service. On the other side of Sony LED TV, there is a difference when you compare with Sony Smart TV. LED model does not come with thrilling features like Smart TV. Well, Sony LED TVs are not new models in the market but only a new type of LCD HDTV using LED backlight to illuminate its screen. What makes Sony LED TVs different from Sony Smart TVs is the backlighting technology. The screens come in three variants that are local dimming LED, edge-lit LED and direct-lit LED without local dimming. Local dimming LED plays a big role in this model by producing deeper blacks when watching movies and videos. The feature makes your viewing lively for a different experience. When it comes to edge-lit LED, it mounts white LEDs along the edges of the display to illuminate a brilliantly arranged array of reflective plates. The feature ensures lights can steer forward and out of the screen making it more attractive to watch. The best thing about the feature offers improved energy efficiency leading to moderate power consumption, which is economical to all Kenyans. Direct-lit LED is the other variant usually found on budget Sony LED TVs. It is a variant, which non-dimming LEDs are usually arranged behind the LCD rather than along the edges. The results make side profile thicker although on the topside display uniformity is impressive.


sony-4510-7569412-1-product Sony 3D TVs offer a different experience to all users. These screens polarize the original 3D images into lovely separate images. If you happen to watch both Sony 3D TV and Sony UHD TV you can bear me witness that there is a lot of difference with the two flat screens. For Sony 3D TVs you must have to put on 3D glasses because the pictures appear to be blurred with naked eyes. When watching, the separate images are always directed to your right or left eye for a creation of depth impression. Sony 3D TVs come with two technologies active 3D and passive 3D like other flat screens in the market, but Sony is mostly involved with active 3D.  Sony 3D TVs have a high resolution of 3D image giving out the best to all users. The 3D glasses usually synchronize with the flat screen through Bluetooth signal or infra-red playing images back correctly. Sony 3D picture quality and general performance are excellent and interesting. Sony UHD TVs is another series from Sony well known by its high-quality display. The screen delivers 8.3 million pixels, which is four times better than FULL HD. It means as far as display is concerned on Sony UHD TVs there is potential image clarity with greater texture. Sony UHD TVs features Netflix and Amazon to bring the entire world entertainment in your house. Immediately after you open Netflix application, you will automatically start streaming without limitations. On the side of performance, Sony UHD TVs runs smoothly on Android just like the 3D series. Sony UHD model is attractive and nice coming with all modern features. If you wish to invest in a flat screen with a high quality display, you should consider Sony UHD TVs. They are excellent to make your viewing moments real and enjoyable.

Sony LED TVs VS Sony UHD TVs

Sony LED TVs are common series in the market with nice features. These screens are coming with new technology to create light for televised pictures. Sony LED TVs features various backlighting variants, which brings the difference when watching. One of the variants is local dimming that ensures light behind the full length and width of the screen panel.  The lights are brighter or dim turning on independently, what determines is the picture displayed. The feature delivers deeper blacks and brighter whites when watching movies. The other exciting variant from Sony LED TVs is the edge lighting. Sony LED flat screen with this component have lights along the edge of the display. The most interesting thing about edge lighting is it allows extremely thin panels are making your viewing more exciting and lovely. In terms of performance, Sony LED TVs gives out an average response without creating hiccups. On the side of Sony UHD TVs, they are modern to fit in this new generation. The series is excellent when it comes to display. They are on the flat screen to bring Sony entertainment in your house for a different experience. Sony UHD series features Netflix and Amazon, and you can access network comfortably without complexities. With this model, you can stream videos and watch on the large screen. The series is fantastic coming with 4K Upscaler, a nice feature that has a capability of converting videos with low resolution into high quality. Generally, I think Sony UHD TVs are better than Sony LED TVs in consideration of their features.

Sony Smart TVs VS Sony 3D TVs

Sony Smart TVs have thrilling features that are pleasant to color your world. The series runs smoothly on Android OS without technical errors when carrying out different activities. Sony Smart TVs are modern and can connect to the internet like other smart gadgets in the market. The screens can have the capability to connect wirelessly and share content to other external devices.  Sony smart series is excellent and comes preloaded with Netflix and Amazon apps. The application makes it easy when you want to stream online. As soon as you open Netflix, you will be able to browse your favorite content. Sony Smart TVs are timing machine having the capability to record TV programs for later reference. The feature is nice and interesting to all users since you do not need to worry about missing you favorite show. With Sony Smart TV you can set for recording for later review. On the side of Sony 3D TVs gives a different experience when you compare with Sony Smart TVs. To watch on Sony 3D series, you must have to put on 3D glasses for clarity. The series offers a sense of depth when watching and you may think you are in a live event. The experience is super to the users although starters may have different opinions. Sony offers a wide range of 3D TVs from small to a large size to suit all budgets, but if you want to enjoy the real action you should go for big screens. Sony 3D TVs feature two 3D technologies that are passive 3D and active 3D. With the two features, experience is different regarding image display. The performance of Sony 3D TVs is lovely running all heavy games smoothly without delays.


sony-4k-tv-140084110937503901-140702162926 The above Sony TVs are excellent and worth to their value. If you compare price and their features, you can bear me witness that they are the best models in the market. It is interesting the models are coming in a wide range to give out the best to all different users. The flat screens are modern to bring the entire world entertainment in your house. The fact that Sony TVs runs on Android OS, makes them favorable to many users since they are compatible with other external Android devices, and you can transfer data. They are the flat screen you can consider purchasing to color your world.

Recording Phone Call on iPhone

Once again, you can uncover some excellent spy tools that will also track the GPS information.

batterylow-iphone 4

There are a ton of alternatives when it comes to employing a spy application that will retain track of what’s going on with the cellular phone, so which a single should you use? You must just test evaluations and obtain out which is the most trustworthy and which have been the most properly-acquired by the purchaser base. Make confident you really don’t download a virus by double checking the status of the people who manufactured it. If they are in good standing with their consumers then the odds are it really is secure to use.

It’s really encouraged that if you want to get commenced proper now, that you use a move by phase program. Even so, before you do so you’ll have to know what program operates the finest. I’ve examined and compared numerous plans, and the benefits have proven me the following plan is the ideal simply since it’s easy to use, it basically works and because it’s undetectable.

iphone 5-4

The days are gone when a man or woman had to count on overpriced personal detectors to uncover your dishonest wife or husband or partners. Presently you can observe almost all the activities of your spouse or partner if s/he is making use of a apple iPhone, Blackberry cell phones, Google android or Nokia Smartphone. Many organizations are offering an array of spy programs for iPhone, Blackberry and other Smartphones.

These spy computer software method make it easy for spouses and partners to keep an eye on a variety of clever telephone routines of their spouses. If you have set up spy software program on your spouse apple iPhone or some other machine, you can check out his or her simply call logs, text messages, recording of inbound and outgoing calls etc, and many others.

Apple iPhone has adjusted into a phenomena or far improved say a rage these days and a considerable number of folks have acquired or thinking of to acquire this reducing edge gadget. A great deal of suppliers are providing iPhone spyware cellphone products with different traits. If your spouse is also an iPhone consumer, items may come to be considerably less complicated for you when it comes to track their iPhone pursuits.

iphone4 easilylostthe

An iPhone monitoring app can definitely support you to know the easy truth. This iPhone spy app has been developed maintaining the ache and challenges of a dubious spouse in mind. This app can absolutely lead them to comfort for themselves and assistance them organize their very own lifestyle for a superior future. If you have opted to go for a iPhone spy app, very first you have to believe about your necessary capabilities. The costs of these spy apps range based mostly on the provided characteristics. Some functions appear at significant payment, but they’re just as worthwhile and if you locate them helpful, you undoubtedly have to have to go for them.

The applications which are packed with biggest functions come from suppliers like Flexispy, Mobistealth, Cellular-Spy and spyera. These corporations are promoting distinctive characteristics in their iPhone monitoring applications.

Record Smartphone offers monitoring solutions for your family or business operation. Record all calls and communications for any Smartphone, Iphone, Android, BlackBerry or cell phone device.

HTC 7 Pro: Light, Thin, And A Cute Looking Phone

The HTC 7 Pro is the ideal phone if you want your phone to be combining all the great features into one little package. Touch screen, full QWERTY keyboard and the latest operating system are some of the examples of the kind of features that many people expect to be their new phone. However, they have to be satisfied with either one at the most, two. Not anymore because HTC has launched the new HTC 7 Pro that will be satisfying all the above mentioned features.


The touchscreen aspect of the feature list is taken care of by the 3.6 inch touch screen display and it will make sure that you will be having the best possible viewing experience when it comes to seeing the latest operating system. The operating system, meanwhile, is by no means lesser to the touch screen display. This is because it is the latest Windows Phone 7 operating system, which combines all the good things about the previous Windows Mobile operating system with the latest kind of features. You might think that this stage that the full QWERTY keyboard will not have made its presence felt in the HTC 7 Pro, but you will be wrong once again because this phone has one of the best from QWERTY keyboard’s that is being used in mobile phones today.


Combining all three aspects has meant that the phone is incredibly feature rich and this is even before getting into the five megapixel camera, with HD video recording option. There is also autofocus, LED flash, face detection and Geotagging options that come along with this camera. Such array of options has meant that you never have to worry about clicking impressive photos. This is because the camera itself takes care of everything and you just need to ensure that the object you are trying to take a photo of is within the frame. The HTC 7 Pro is sold in the European countries with only 8 GB of internal memory, while the Asian countries will be getting the 16 GB of memory internally. However, it is not a big deal because there is support for 32 GB worth of additional memory using memory cards.


The 448 MB of RAM makes you wonder what to do with the 1 GHz processor. However, this is probably the sufficient consideration for running the latest operating system from Microsoft, which is not like the android or the Symbian operating systems. Hence, it will be consuming a lot of power than you would have imagined and in order to satisfy it such a powerful combination of RAM and processor is needed to run it smoothly. The phone has GPS facility and the presence of Bing maps application has meant that you need not go around searching for navigational applications or devices. HTC announced the launch of this phone in the United Kingdom back in October. The HTC 7 Pro will go on sale with various contract options from January.

Extend the battery life has been a lifelong endeavor, not only from the manufacturers of the iPhone, but from users who are concerned about battery performance in their iPhones. Another important fact about the iPhone battery is that these can be removed only option left with the users is that they can extend the battery life with extended battery Iphone. Such a battery on the market known for its superior performance is extended iPhone battery IMP880 has been the subject of warm comments from the users for some time.

People who are accustomed to using the iPhone for many hours can you feel the need for long battery life and extended battery can be very useful. The IMP880 Extended Battery Pack offers greater battery life iPhone and iPod Touch is not necessary to charge for long, because it lasts a long time in comparison. In addition, marathon runners or people in long plane trips feel the need to have batteries that can provide sustainable food to use your iPhone and for these people Extended Battery Pack Iphone IMP880 is a great solution.

However, battery connectors IMP880 is appropriate to be able to Blackberry, MP3 players, etc spend to buy can be justified by the fact that it offers 50 hours of film 4 and iPhone movie time of 20 hours of IPAD 3G. Moreover, as IMP880 is very compatible with various gadgets like the iPhone 3G 3G iPod Touch 2G and 3G BlackBerry Storm phone line in bold, users have the option, so in terms of multiple use.

HTC HD7 Mobile

Because the weight of 250g, IMP880 battery is a batte   ry of highly reliable lithium-ion battery, which adds life Iphone 4 500%. It can be used to improve the battery life of 3G Ipad 80%. The batteries are sold in a New Trent, which is only sold in New Trento. Better to continue with the iPhone backup battery IMP880 iPad than 5 times the users are able to score a bit ‘of music or video.

Less money and more services can be considered as an interesting appeal for Apple iPhone Extended Battery 8900 mAh IMP880 a 5V. Several reviews on the use of IMP880P show that the search for ultimate power laptop is closed for users who have been there for quite a long time with it. IMP880 Iphone battery offered by the new Trent is sufficient demand to extend the battery life of iPhone iPod Ipad.

HTC HD7 Mobile: Smartphone Recent Entertainment Sector

The HTC phone is one of the latest smartphones on the entertainment area of technology giant HTC releases are concentrated. Available since October 2010, reflects the HTC HD7 a combination of efforts by HTC, and software giant Microsoft a smartphone for people who want as much entertainment as possible, without compromising the basic functions are optimized by their smartphones. As a result, the HTC HD7 a number of functions to work and play focused, but with an emphasis on play.


Perhaps the first aspect of the HTC HD7, that probably the attention of everyone, she takes the fall, is its large 4.3-inch touchscreen display. Like almost all other new smartphone on the market these days, is the touchscreen at the heart of the mobile phone and is designed so that you do everything with it. The resolution of the screen is not particularly spectacular at 800 x 480 pixels, but it’s more than enough for most of the activities people engage in is likely to be on a phone this size, such as surfing the Internet and watching videos. The aim of the HTC HD7 phone is an entertainment machine to be, but on the big screen, it contains some additional features that they claim to the title. For example, it includes a stand on the back of the phone that it is easy to sit back on the phone and watch a movie or make a video on YouTube. The stand also makes it easier for more people to see the videos for the phone at once, although the pleasure they receive will depend heavily based distance from the screen.

Are In addition to the touchscreen and the stand are also two large speakers have centered on the screen with stereo sound output. The sound quality is not comparable to those you get from dedicated lecturers, of course, but it provides a decent audio experience, if you just want something and not use the included headphone jack. Possibly because of the power of the speakers and the touch screen, battery life of the HTC HD7 is shorter compared to the majority of high-tech smartphones on the market. The battery itself could use a larger capacity at 1230 mAh, but it is still large enough to provide several hours of talk time and watch a couple of hours of video.

HTC HD7 Mobile -2

Inside the HTC HD7, you can find it by using the latest version of Microsoft’s foray into operating systems for smartphones, Windows Mobile 7 OS, the recent publication of the desktop-class operating system Windows 7 parallels with current supplies. The operating system is powered by a 1 GHz processor Qualcom, although not the fastest out there, will be appropriate if the phone is powered taxed with video, audio and other applications by the end user.

Today, the success of iPad has once again warmed up the tablet market. People all over the world fall love into this tablet PC device for its friendly touch screen, better experience on reading book s, playing games and easy to carry. Without a doubt, the Android operating system is the best-selling Smartphone platform in the world. For tablet, it also shows its great potential. Here let us list up ther of the best Android Tablets to you.

This android tablet has a very modest size with 7-inch screen, 0.5 inch height and around 13 ounces weight. Superior than iPad in many aspects and being an android tablet, Samsung Galaxy is compatible with flash and therefore one can enjoy better gaming experience. Comes with a bevy of Google Applications, including a YouTube, gmail, Google Calendar and talk, Galaxy Tab has excellent additional cameral, and better video recording. Also on the productivity side, the device comes equipped with the office technology that allows users to open and edit documents in office format as well as PDF files.

HTC HD7 Mobile

Utilizes super powerful dual-core processor and And  roid 3.0 Honeycomb software created by Google especially for tablet devices, The Xoom Tablet comes with two cameras, one in the front and the other in the rear. A camcorder and adobe flash player is also included. The Xoom’s 10.1 inch widescreen HD display is generous and provides the user with plenty of room to watch movies or participate in video conferences.

With Android 2.2 Folio 100 in the world, the Toshiba Folio shows to be a strong unit, with its 1024 x 600 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen, 2 Tegra processor and 16 GB of onboard memory. Other features such as HDMI output, SD card slot, support for WiFi, a webcam with 1.3 mega pixels and would think it will force to be reckoned with.

Clearly, we may see that the above top 3 tablets all come with Android OS system 2.2 or higher, CPU speed 1.2Ghz or higher , with WiFi support and all can play common video extensions. However, the prices for these tablets are quite on the high side. There are also cheap tablet PCs in the market. Easily find them on ShopSimple for direct PCs comparison from China wholesalers.

Android, OS 4 and Symbian: Who’s Got Game?

While mobile telephones have yet to approach the capabilities of dedicated gaming platforms like the Sony PSP or Nintendo DS, they nonetheless offer impressive gaming potential. We took a look at the three biggest names in mobile phone firmware – Google’s Android, Apple’s OS 4, and the open-source alternative Symbian. Our goal was to answer one simple question: which mobile operating system is better for mobile gaming?For each system, we looked at two types of games – dedicated and online. Dedicated games are anything written specifically for that platform; these usually need to be purchased, downloaded and installed in order to be enjoyed. Online games are just that – they’re out there on the internet, and users just have to point their phone’s web browser at them in order to play. These web games use either flash or java technology, and can range from simple Tetris clones to real-money casino games like slots, poker, or blackjack.



Released in October of 2008, Google’s Android mobile operating system is based on a Linux kernel. As of early 2010, it is the fourth most popular smartphone platform, at least in the US. The Android OS supports both accelerometer and multi-touch interaction. It offers excellent graphics capabilities, especially when it comes to its 3D rendering potential. Games like the popular HomeRun Battle 3D really show what the device is capable of. Visually, Android games can rival the Nintendo DS, and devices that offer a touch-screen interface make the comparison even more apt.Online gaming on the Android suffers. Its java support is mediocre, and as of yet, it does not support flash, so most online games won’t even run on Android devices. Fortunately, full flash support has been promised with the v2.2 update, due out later this year.

Excellent graphics capabilities

Multi-touch and accelerometer support

Lack of available games

Very poor web game support

Apple OS 4

Apple’s upcoming update to their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch software has been making headlines recently. It offers several great updates to the existing version, most notably its multitasking capabilities.For gamers, however, not much is new. Apple has been shouting about the new Game Center, but users seem less excited. It’s basically a clone of Xbox Live, offering multiplayer gaming over networks. While Apple is in the lead in this department, we will have to wait to see how this pans out.Beyond the new Game Center, OS 4 supports an enormous variety of downloadable games, available through the Apple Apps Store. Many are free, and those that aren’t come very cheap. The variety is outstanding, and the quality is often jaw-dropping, especially when enjoyed on an iPad.As for online gaming, OS 4 fares quite well. Despite its lack of flash, there are many dedicated iPhone games that can be played instantly on the internet. In addition to many 3rd party providers, Apple hosts a huge selection of “official” web apps on its homepage.

Incredible number of downloadable and web-based games

Multi-touch and accelerometer support

No flash support (maybe never)

Games can be expensive


symbian os

This open-source smartphone platform has been in development for a while, but its code was just released in February 2010. Nearly half of all smartphones sold are based on the Symbian OS, making it the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Most devices out there still run on older Symbian versions. In fact, at the time of writing this, only one device supports the new Symbian^3 – the Nokia N8. Its touch screen, HD screen and 3D graphics accelerator beg for hardcore games to push its limits. Unfortunately, Samsung phone is behind the times, and has quite a lot of catching up to do before it can compete with Google or Apple for a top spot in the mobile market. Yes, the numbers are in Symbian’s favor, but if we look at quality over quantity, it comes in last.Oh yeah, games – Symbian offers excellent java support, making it good for web-based games, but since most Symbian devices don’t offer touch screens, they can be cumbersome to play. Dedicated games for the Symbian are rare, and tend to look and play like the best games from five years ago.

Widespread availability, high device compatibility

Excellent java support makes web gaming easy

Most phones run old versions

Not much available in the way of download games

The verdict?It’s hard to say. Symbian falls gently into 3rd place, that much is clear, but Apple’s OS 4 and Google’s Android battle hard for the number one spot. Apple definitely has the “wow factor” going for it, and the number of games available is astonishing, but with Android getting flash with the next update, it will offer something that iPhone users have been after for years.

At the end of the day, we are tempted to call Apple OS 4 the winner of the mobile telephone gaming war, but the world moves fast, and Android is catching up fast.

BlackBerry smartphone is the common searched smartphone

With the changing trend, there are lots of techniques used for the marketing purpose. Varieties of techniques and very few of them prove to be very effective. Online mobile marketing is one of the best techniques that are used in the present time.

Spec and features and price of Blackberry Playbook

BlackBerry Playbook price in India is a new mobile from the BlackBerry Company. The mobile has been enabled with dual camera. The front camera is of 3MP and the rear camera is of 5MP. The display of the mobile is of 7″ inch LCD type. The mobile is also powered by 1GHz dual core processor. Internal memory is also present in the mobile. The BlackBerry Playbook price in India is Rs. 33, 000 for 16GB and Rs. 39, 300 for 32GB version.

Spec and features and price of HTC Wildfire S

The HTC Wildfire S is a good launched model from the HTC Company. The Smartphone comes in an affordable price and thus can be afforded by the Indian customers. The model is having 5MP camera facility. The mobile is also having 512MB ROM and 512MB RAM facility. The HTC Wildfire S price in India is Rs. 14, 700.

Spec and features and price of Micromax Bling 2


Micromax Bling 2 is a superb handset which is launched by the Micromax Company for the women’s section. The mobile is entrenched with Swarovski stone which adds to the beauty of the mobile. The mobile is having good display and internal memory. The mobile is also having 3MP camera. The Micromax Bling 2 price in India is Rs. 8999.

Spec and features and price of Spice MI 270

The Spice MI 270 is a launched model from the company. The mobile is a Smartphone which is well endowed with latest technology. The mobile is also having 2Mp camera facility. 16GB of internal memory is also present in the model. The Spice MI 270 price in India is Rs. 6499.

Spec and features and price of Apple iPhone 4G


Apple IPhone 4G is a superb creation of the company. Good internet options are present in the mobile. Better entertainment facilities are also present in the mobile. 5MP camera is enabled in the mobile phone. 3.5″ inch of display screen is also present in the mobile. The Apple IPhone 4G price in India is Rs. 34, 500 for the 16GB version and Rs. 40, 900 for the 32GB version.

Spec and features and price of Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

The Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 is a new mobile model that is well integrated with latest technology. The mobile is having 32GB and 16GB memory options. 1.2GHz dual core processor is also present in the mobile. Social networking services are also present in the mobile. Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 price in India is Rs. 33, 000.

Spec and features and price of Nokia E7  video-review-the-blackberry-q10

The Nokia E7 is well enabled with good display and camera facility. 4″ inch of AMOLED display screen is present in the mobile. 8MP of camera is also present in the mobile. The mobile phone is integrated Symbian^3 OS. The Nokia E7 price in India is Rs. 30, 000.

Sneak peak into some of the best Samsung smartphones in Kenya (Samsung J series)

We have heard so much about Samsung smartphones and most probably we know that this is one of the most expensive smartphones in Kenya along with other brands such as Sony. I will start by admitting that it is true that it is an expensive brand which cannot be afforded by most Kenyans. It actually remains a dream smartphone to most people who knows what having a smartphone means to them.  It is a brand that has remained unshaken for some years now, and this is not changing anytime soon.

I tend to disagree with people who think that Samsung smartphones can only be owned by a few rich people in Kenya. It might be expensive but worth every single coin that you use on it. Apart from a few Samsung smartphones that have failed to deliver as per our expectations, most of them never fail us. That is the reason as to why I would not mind saving for a whole year to get my hands on one of the best smartphones in Kenya.  I would not want you to save your money and then end up with something that may make you regret the choice of the smartphone that you bought. Let me take my time and take you through some of the bests Samsung smartphones in Kenya. Today we can direct our focus on some of the J series Samsung phones, you will be able to settle for one that is good for you.

Samsung Galaxy J1


This is one of the most recent entries into Kenya as its release date was early this year.  I always love starting with the display; this is what meets your eye every time you want to buy a new phone. If the screen size and the display do not impress you, it is possible that you will not buy the phone despite the specs that the phone will come with. Samsung Galaxy J1 has a 4.5-inch screen that comes with 16 million colors that give you great graphics if you are a gaming type of a person.


Samsung Galaxy J1 runs on the most recent Android operating system which is lollipop. This version has some interesting capabilities that it brings at your disposal.  For instance, when it comes to security, this version gives you some of the best options as compared to previous versions.  The Android smart lock is capable of pairing your device to other trusted devices that you have authorized. This ensures that your identity is verified before your Samsung smartphone pairs with any other device. I think that this is a great way of increasing security on your device considering how many smartphone theft cases are experienced in Kenya.


Samsung Galaxy J1 has an internal memory of 8GB and a RAM of 1GB.  This is not a good deal for a 2016 smartphone but it offers better deals than some of the smartphones in Kenya. An 8GB internal memory will sort you out by giving you the space to store your photos and some of your documents comfortably. The problem comes in every time you may need to save one movie or more movies on your phone. You may not be as lucky as the storage will be used up before you have everything that you need. The good news is that there is a micro SD slot that can accommodate up to 128GB. This will call that you dig deeper into your pocket and buy a memory card. A 1GB RAM will serve you well with all the applications that you may have on your phone and if you love multi-tasking then you will have a smooth time.


Samsung Galaxy J1 has a 5MP back camera and a 2MP front camera. The camera will give you great photos but the bad news is that there are better cameras on other Samsung smartphones released in Kenya this year. For people who buy phones based on the camera that has better images and has higher megapixels, you may not find this phone as attractive as you may wish. But this is not to mean that you cannot buy the Samsung Galaxy J1 if that is where your budget fits in, and you will be good to go.

Samsung Galaxy J2

There is not much difference between J1 and J2, the display has a 4.7-inch screen size. This is slightly larger than the Samsung J1 smartphone. It comes in handy for Kenyans who love large screens on their smartphones. It runs on Android version 5.1 lollipop which comes with great capabilities and more so when it comes to security. It ensures that you get the freedom to do what you may want to do with your phone and what you would like to access with it. I think it gives us some level of control on our phones which is better than what we are used to in the previous android versions in Kenya. Samsung Galaxy J2 camera has the same 5MP rear and 2MP front camera just like in the Samsung Galaxy J1. Actually, you realize that most of the specs are almost the same. The only thing that I don’t understand is why Samsung released two brands that have almost the same specs.

Samsung Galaxy J5

This is one of the Samsung smartphones whose price is quite fair in Kenya considering all that it comes with, let us break down some of the specs that are worth noting and maybe you will see whether you need  this phone.


Samsung Galaxy J5 screen size is 5.0 inches which is much better than the ones that we have already discussed. The screen type is the super AMOLED which gives you a better experience in touch and the response is fast. It is an improvement from the screens that were used some few years ago. The resolution is quite high and gives the user a better experience with your screen; you can also watch movies on this phone without a lot of hustle.

Operating system

Samsung Galaxy J5  Runs on the lollipop Android version which is among the recent Android versions and keeps you up with some of the latest innovations in terms of most recent apps among other things that you can do with it. To top it up, most Kenyans love snooping on people’s phone and this problem has been taken care of as this version ensures that you get the best experience in terms of security with your device.


Samsung Galaxy J5 memory is very impressive with a 16GB internal memory that is capable of storing most of your documents. It relieves you of the constant pain of having to delete some songs in order to get new ones or having to delete some photos in order to have more on your storage. The good news is that this memory is expandable up to 128GB which is enough to store almost everything that you may want to have on your phone. There is something with Kenyans who love having a memory card even with phones that have large internal storages such as Samsung Galaxy J5, they will always buy one.

Something else that will probably put a smile on your face is the fact that it has a 1.5GB RAM that gives you great speed every time that you are using apps on your phone. You can forget about your phone having to hang when you are in the middle of something important but you cannot complete because your phone keeps on hanging. This might be the solution that will give you the relief that you have long been waiting for.


Samsung Galaxy J5has a 13MP back camera and a 5MP front camera that has high-quality images that give your memories a real touch keeping them as good as they were when you were experiencing them. A smartphone with a bad camera may not get an acceptance from the Kenyan market. This is because as the days go by, people are realizing that there is a need to have a gadget that can do everything perfectly well and can serve what two or more gadgets can achieve. Most people will prefer buying a phone with a good camera than having to buy a phone and a camera. I think that this is the phone that can give you that kind of experience.

Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy J7 is a 2016 brand that has made some minor adjustments and this has made it possible to blend with some of the models released in the market towards the end of last year. It has accommodated some major factors that people may want to see in Samsung smartphones in Kenya, most people are crazy about advancements in technology and they go for what has the best.


Samsung Galaxy J7 has a 5.5 inch super AMOLED display. This puts this phone on a range of phablets that have become one of the favorites to most people. The screen employs the Corning Gorilla technology which keeps the screen looking new and protects it from scratches that may make it look older than it ought to be. The screen is perfect for watching videos and will give you an equally good time as watching through a tablet because it has a display that provides quality images.

Android version

Samsung Galaxy J7 runs on the most recent android version which is lollipop and as usual has better things in store than the previous versions in what it can be able to perform. This version gives you the freedom of having some of the most updated apps on your phone this is even made better by the RAM which makes this gadget a must have in 2016. The 3GB RAM gives this phone a speed that is able to give you rocket speed moments when using your apps. If you love multi-tasking, then this is the phone that will give you the ability to do that. It is also capable of performing other tasks that are larger and cannot be performed by smartphones with lower RAM.  I must say that this is one of the reasons that may make most Kenyans fall in love with this phone.

Internal storage

Samsung Galaxy J7 has an internal storage of 16GB which is capable of giving you ample space to save most of your documents without the need of an external memory card. In the eventuality that you feel that you need more space, the memory can be expanded to up to 128GB via the micro SD. Giving you space to store all your documents without limitations. It is perfect for people who may want to have all their documents on their phone.


The Samsung Galaxy J7 gives Kenyans the camera experience that they will talk about for a long time when they get their hands on this phone. With a 13MP back camera and a 5MP front camera, the images that you get are of high quality. The best thing with the Samsung camera is that you will always get some of the best images than you can get with other phones. Samsung Galaxy J7 is one of the smartphones that will give you the best in camera deals.


The Samsung J series smartphones have come with their good side and the other side that has also not been as bad. I think that most Kenyans have so far not been disappointed by the progress made by Samsung to give brands that provide what most people would ask for. This said and done, I believe that we have high expectations from Samsung side and we do not expect any form of shortcoming from their side. Some of the J series Samsung smartphones are quite affordable to the people and thus no reason to complain. If you are planning on doing an upgrade to your phone, I suggest that you think of going the Samsung way.

HTC Gratia

The HTC Gratia is the European twin of the HTC Aria (an AT&T only device launched exclusively in the US). The Gratia was first launched in Europe, and subsequently worldwide. It is positioned in the midrange segment; its target market being phone users who want a relatively cheap and cost effective alternative to other Android heavyweights.



The Gratia gives a good first impression – its smooth, tapered edges make it comfortable to handle, its 103.8 x 57.7 x 11.7mm dimensions make for a compact and highly-pocketable Android (a rarity these days), and at 115 grams, it weighs just enough to convince the user of its solid construction, while still managing to be a relative lightweight for its range. It has a 3.2’ TFT capacitive touch screen, which is rather diminutive when compared with other smartphones which commonly have a 4’ display. It has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and can display 256,000 colours, which is sufficient to say the least, but not nearly as good as what an OLED screen offers. Another weak point is its sunlight legibility – it is not the easiest to read in direct sunlight.



The Gratia comes with a proximity sensor, which enables auto turn-off of the screen, and prevents the phone from vibrating when it is placed beside the ear. The accelerometer comes in handy too; enabling auto-rotation of the screen and features like Flip-to-Mute (flipping the phone mutes an incoming call) and Quiet Ring On Pickup (moving the phone lowers the ring volume, when the phone is on a flat surface).

The Gratia runs Android 2.2 Froyo, which is impressive considering that other droids in its range typically run Android 2.1, including the Aria. The differences between the Android 2.2 and the Android 2.1 will be highlighted later on.

Powering the Gratia is the Qualcomm MSM 7227 600 Mhz processor with 384 MB of RAM; another impressive feature for a phone with its price tag. Multitaskers will certainly be pleased with its efficiency. It can support up to 32GB microSD cards.

The Gratia comes loaded with the popular, well-designed 3rd party user interface shell, the HTC Sense UI. HTC users familiar with the Sense UI will recognise the large clock which also provides weather forecasts occupying a huge portion of the main homescreen. Users get seven homescreens, all of which can be populated by an array of widgets of their choice, such as Stocks and Twitter widgets. Furthermore, the Android Marketplace offers a wide variety of downloadable HTC widgets to fulfil users’ needs. The Sense UI comes with 6 custom Scenes – which are basically preset homescreen setups. Each Scene comes with different homescreen widgets and wallpaper. The Leap View option allows users to view the thumbnails of all seven homescreens simply by pressing the home key, or by “pinching” the screen. Combined with the Sense UI, the Android 2.2 provides top-notch App performance and a fuss-free android experience.


With the Gratia, social networking has never been easier. Keeping abreast of the latest updates by your contacts is a breeze, be it via widgets, apps or the remarkable “People” tab, which is actually the Gratia’s contact encyclopaedia – its phonebook. The various phonebook tabs hold almost every single detail of each of your contacts; from the basics such as email addresses and numbers, to their latest events and updates from different social networks, to their online photo albums.

The Gratia has a 5 megapixel built-in camera with an image resolution of 2592×1952 pixels. Additional features are autofocus, face detection and support for photo geo-tagging. However, photo quality is nothing to shout about and continuous auto focus is draggy. Combine that with the lack of flash assistance and a dedicated shutter key, and you get a less-than-enjoyable shooting experience. The camera is also capable of recording VGA resolution video, which is not one of the Gratia’s strong points either. Avid video-makers will notice that the videos only manage a surprisingly low bitrate. Users who are into video calling will also be disappointed to know that the Gratia does not come with a secondary camera. All in all, the Gratia’s fails to impress in this department.

Although the Gratia may not be the best camera phone in the market, it certainly delivers on the connectivity front. It supports 2G (quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE) and 3G (HSDPA – up to 7.2mbps; HSUPA – up to 2mbps). Local wireless connectivity comes in the form of WiFi 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth v2.1 with AD2P. It also comes with a microUSB cable which connects the phone to the user’s computer to enable battery-charging, access to the phone’s disk drive, phone syncing and USB tethering. A highlight of the Android 2.2 platform is its ability to turn the phone which runs it, in this case, the Gratia, into a portable WiFi hotspot that supports up to 8 encryptable connections.

Users who enjoy browsing the web will be pleased to know that the Gratia comes with a powerful flash-enabled browser. The flash support is a welcome addition, but is unfortunately only ideal for basic flash games. The browser itself is easy to use, and allows for smooth, hassle-free web browsing that users have come to expect from Android devices.

Pros and Cons


The Gratia has a few things going for it, namely its compact design and pocketability. It performs well in its basic functions; offering above average in-call sound and loudspeaker quality. The Sense UI works like a charm too. The major weaknesses of the Gratia lie in its camera. Poor photo and video quality, as well as the absence of a secondary camera, dedicated shutter key and flash assistance will definitely put off some users. Poor sunlight legibility also detracts from its attractiveness.


Overall, the HTC Gratia is a capable smartphone. Its Froyo OS offers some nice little titbits, and it is efficient enough to meet the expectations of users who cannot afford high-end Android phones. Having said that, it is unlikely to pose a major threat to other midrange droids, some of which offer a more complete set of features at a lower price.